Join Over Four Thousand Investors Today To Live The Life You Deserve!
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Join Thousands Of Investors Today To Live The Life You Deserve!
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Calgary Real Estate Wealth, An Organization Devoted Solely To Building The Wealth Of REAL ESTATE INVESTORS.

"We Never Knew We Would Turn So Many Ordinary People Into Millionaires When We Started"
Azad Chandler & Tim Desautels

Education, Guidance & Support every step of the way!

The Life You Want, The Time You Need... The Job You Want To Work, Is All Going To Be Fuelled By 

The Real Estate You Own!!!

Buy, Sell, Invest With No Fear......It's Time For You To Hear The Truth About Real Estate And What It Can Do For YOU!!!

CREW REAL ESTATE Helps You Reach Your GOALS FASTER The Right Way With Education, Support & Guidance Every Step Of The Way!!!

Calgary Real Estate Wealth " CREW " were founded by two passionate investors / realtors that believe in making all of your real estate count......Either to live in or as an investment!
Their tried and tested system can be implemented any where in the world and has impacted the lives of thousands since 2006.

Azad & Tim make sure they put your best interests first and put you on the right path to financial freedom through real estate.

Helping You Live The Life You Deserve!

The Most Dependable and Consistent Way To Generate Wealth

“I've paid a lot of money for similar programs and received way less value. These guys will give you the info, without the hype & B.S. They walk the talk & know their stuff. Well worth looking into if you are considering real estate investing.”

- Dave M

“I've paid a lot of money for similar programs and received way less value. These guys will give you the info, without the hype & B.S. They walk the talk & know their stuff. Well worth looking into if you are considering real estate investing.”

- Dave M

Give us 60 minutes and we will show you how we have turned ordinary people into millionaires!

00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds

Results Matter! Hear What Our Investors Are Saying....

Scott Parrell

Makes $100,000 in three years investing with Calgary Real Estate Wealth

Nikolay Erohkin

Makes $1800 Cash Flow On First Purchase

Jaime Ward

6 Transactions Under Thirty

Landen & Nicole Feil

Flipping Their First Property

Niko Heir 

Saves $40,000 with mortgage plus improvements strategy 

Conner Desautels

Living for free after first CREW purchase

Daniel Kelly

Buys his 3rd property without even seeing it at age 27

It's Your Turn To Live The Life You Deserve

Calgary Real Estate Wealth

Buying The Right Property Is The Most Crucial Aspect In Creating Wealth From Real Estate 

Invest In Yourself So Others Can Invest In You

Buying, Selling or Investing ?
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Since 2006 we have worked out exactly what most people have been doing wrong...
Azad & Tim co - authors of 2 indispensable investment books, 'One Million Reasons To Buy Real Estate' and 'Fearless Real Estate'

Their system can be implemented anywhere in the world and can be done in as little as two hours per month...…..or less.

Because of this we are on a mission to help you succeed with creating wealth from real estate!

We wanted to give you all the secrets in one place. The meat and potatoes the you need to succeed with each investment strategy without wasting your time and money.

It's Time To Become Fearless 
for only $17 
(6 training video bonuses included)

Guaranteed  To Make Your Membership Fee Back On Your First Deal..........Or Your Money Back!
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Tired of all the nonsense and hype out there surrounding real estate investing? 

Start learning the truth about what it takes to successfully invest in real estate.
Learn why our clients take an investors approach when buying real estate. 

Making sure your next purchase isn't a huge mistake that can set you back for years to come.

Yes, CREW MASTERY is developed for investors by investors, BUT we are not your typical real estate investment company.
We were founded by two passionate property investors Azad Chandler and Tim Desautels, who set out with the specific goal of helping others achieve their financial independence through property investment.

Choosing to surround themselves with ambitious people of a similar property investment mindset, today our awesome team includes accountants, solicitors, finance providers, trades, contractors and property managers.
Since 2006 we have mentored thousands of investors who are increasing their wealth with real estate.

We never knew we would create so many millionaires when we started!
CREW MASTERY specializes in educating you on how to buy high quality real estate investments for your portfolio.

Don’t guess. Don’t speculate. Acquire the right properties that will appreciate more than the average priced homes in your area.

CREW MASTERY teaches you how to buy below market value homes that will cash flow, rent out faster, and have little to no vacancies.

CREW MASTERY gives you the support, guidance, and ongoing education that you need to become a successful property investor.
We tailor real estate investment strategies for every investor. These include; buy & hold cash flowing properties, flipping, pre-construction, commercial, multi-family, development and much more.

No matter what your dreams are: buying a bigger home – driving a fancy car – going on more vacations – sending the kids to university or better schools or building a better retirement? CREW MASTERY will show you how property investing can help you achieve those goals.

We promise no nonsense, no hidden fees, no ‘hype’ and no quick fixes – only honest, transparent and straightforward advice. 

We promise 100% commitment to our clients’ goals, but in return we don’t allow just anyone to be a client of ours – we want go-getters, investors that will take action once educated, investors who will do the work needed to achieve their goals.

If you have the desire to become an investor we will help you get off on the right track and create wealth for your future.

Most importantly, we do all this by having fun, staying humble and being human in our property investment approach.
Education, Guidance & Support every step of the way!

What’s Included

  • ​Monthly Mentorship with 24 live events
  • ​​Instant Access To Over 60 Hours Of Content
  • ​​​Custom Real Estate Business Plan That Works
  • ​Real Estate Investment Blueprint (goal setting)
  • ​​How to Analyze an Investment Property
  • ​Raising Capital Secrets
  • ​How to Build a Business Prospectus to Attract Investors
  • ​How to Choose The Right Properties For Maximum Appreciation
  • ​​How to Make Money Instantly From Real Estate
  • ​Real Estate Accounting and It's Tax Benefits
  • ​​All Things VTB (vendor take backs)
  • ​Commercial and Multi - Family Investing
  • ​​How to Buy Bank Foreclosures
  • ​How to Use RRSPs or 401k to Buy Real Estate
  • ​​Buy, Renovate, Rent, Refinance, & Repeat. BRRRR Strategy
  • ​​Legal Liabilities When Owning Real Estate
  • ​​Protecting Your Assets & Estate Planning
  • ​Alternative Investment Strategies for Immediate Cash Flow
  • ​Access To CREW Member Money Partners
  • ​​Access To The Right Financing To Fund Your Next Deal
  • ​​How to Structure The No Money Down Deal
  • ​​How to Choose The Right Investment Property
  • ​​How to Pick The Right Strategy That Will Save you Time
  • ​​​Save Thousands With Our Successful Landlord Kit
  • ​Access To Off Market Deals
  • ​​How to Legalize a Secondary Suite
  • ​​Tried & Tested Flipping For Maximum Profit System 
  • ​​​BONUS Fearless Real Estate & One Million Reason To Buy Real Estate ebooks
  • ​​​BONUS Joint Venture Secrets
  • ​​BONUS Agreement For Sale Secrets
  • ​​BONUS Lease Option Secrets
  • ​​BONUS Rent To Own Secrets
  • ​BONUS Fearless Real Estate & One Million Reason To Buy Real Estate ebooks
  • ​Also Included: All The Forms, Guides, JV Contracts, Leases & Agreements That We Have Used Since 2006.
  • ​ Access To Azad & Tim For All Of The Support, Guidance & Education That You Need To Grow Or Start Your Real Estate Portfolio. CREW Membership Helps You Make The Right Decision Every Time!!!


For Only $97 Per Month

Sign Up For Our Next Free Class To SEE How Real estate Has Changed The lives of so many!!!

 Join Over Four Thousand Investors to see our approach to real estate investing. 
Our seminars are a little different from most. Our humble approach comes with no up-selling and no hype and no B.S………………Just relevant content to help you start positively investing in real estate Today!

What You Will Learn:
  • ​How to earn multiple streams of income.
  • ​How to create a plan "B" in your life.
  • ​How to diversify your investments from what you have today.
  • ​How to take the fear out of investing and move forward.
  • ​Learn the risks involved.
  • ​Why people invest in real estate in the first place.
  • ​Learn how to profit from real estate the right way.
  • ​How to choose the best communities to invest in for maximum appreciation.
  • ​Our systematized blueprint for success in real estate investing.
  • ​Real life stories & examples from the hundreds of families we have helped since 2006.
  • ​Why our clients always have little to no vacancies.
  • ​How to get started today with none or very little money of your own.
  • ​The three rates of return from real estate.
  • ​How you can use equity in your home to build wealth.
  • ​Strategies that suit you…….flipping, long term holds, rent to own and much more.
  • ​We host guest speakers such as lawyers, home inspectors, mortgage brokers, insurance brokers etc.



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Just Ask Yourself...…..


There is a REASON WHY 90% Of All Millionaires Become So Through Owning Real Estate


Putting together my first rent to own investment was made easy thanks to you both. Finding the right property for my tenants and putting this deal together was a huge success.


Rent To Own
Who knew we would have bought a foreclosure. It was nerve racking but Fearless Real Estate Wealth guided us every step of the way. Saving us thousands, which allowed us to move into our dream community of Silver Springs


Bank Foreclosure's
Thank you Fearless Real Estate Wealth for finding me the perfect condo to renovate. Not only does it have $1,000,000 views but when I am ready to move out and do it again, because of you I can rent this out and cash flow.


BRRRR Strategy
Wow two properties down and onto the next one. Your mentorship program has made me fearless. If I didn't meet you guy's I would never have been on the path to financial freedom through real estate, Thank you!


The Best Plan
Thank you Fearless Real Estate Wealth for taking the stress out of finding the right property to flip. Running the numbers is crucial to my business and now I can use your system across Canada.


Flipping Done Right
Thank you Azad & Tim and the team at Fearless Real Estate Wealth for finding me the perfect rental property. I never thought I would own such a great rental property so close to downtown. Please let me know which charitable foundation you support as I would like to make a donation on your behalf.


Duplex It
You guys definitely made some solid points on Tuesdays webinar. Because of this we are totally changing our strategy to create more wealth for ourselves. Let's forget about buying the new home in Livingston for now and focus on another suited property.


New Strategy
We didn't know how to put a Joint Venture together. Thank you Azad & Tim for helping us every step of the way! There are few places where genuine real estate investors can come together and make this happen. Azad & Tim are the real deal.


Easy Joint Venture System
These guys have the investment game figured out. Not only was my property rented out before possession, but Azad & Tim organized the trades to legalize my basement suite during the conditional period so I could roll the costs into my mortgage saving me thousands of dollars and increasing the rents by 40%


Legal Basement
"Fearless Real Estate Wealth, I thought that a corporate job and investing in the stock market was the way to financial security. Was I ever wrong! The added value of the classes, books and online learning are priceless! Azad, Tim and the entire Calgary Real Estate Wealth team are motivational and inspirational. I am impressed with their passion, innovation, their desire to impart knowledge with members. Being part of Calgary Real Estate Wealth has been an amazing experience and privilege."


Buy and Hold

About Azad & Tim

Azad & Tim are the co - founders of Calgary Real Estate Wealth, an organization devoted solely to helping real people and real estate investors build their WEALTH. They have transacted in hundreds of millions of dollars of investment real estate over the past twenty years. This experience gives them the upper hand on real estate investment mentorship.

They've seen what works and what doesn’t. They have taught thousands of investors how to invest the right way through their Fearless Real Estate Wealth Mastery Program. They have held hundreds of seminars covering every real estate investment strategy there is. Azad and Tim never knew they would create so many millionaires from real estate when they started.
They are the co - authors of "One Million Reasons To Buy Real Estate" & "Fearless Real Estate". They created the Fearless Real Estate Mastery Program, a real estate investing wealth system that can be implemented anywhere in the world.
They have a different approach to real estate investing. They deliver education with an emphasis on making their investors money - not taking it from them. They teach their investors how to take action in any market. They provide affordable mentorship focusing on the fundamentals of real estate investing and help their investors move forward with confidence.
Azad & Tim believe that selecting the right property is the most crucial part of creating wealth from real estate, either to live in or as an investment. Learn how you too can become wealthy with their education, guidance and support, every step of the way.
Their humble and honest approach, along with a little bit of fun, has endeared them to thousands of real estate investors worldwide over the years.
They believe by having the right team, the right education, support & advice will help you live the life you deserve!

Investing Doesn't Have To Be Complicated...We Make It Simple.

Azad Chandler & Tim Desautels

Calgary Real Estate Wealth

 Cell: 403-478-2923

 Office: 403-228-5557

 Address: 100 - 1301 8th Street. SW  Calgary, AB. T2R 1B7

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