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Just wanted to follow up from last nights forum.  I’ve been networking over the last 3-5 years looking for the right people to know and work with, building a team of professionals who are the best in their fields.While I have met plenty of real estate agents, your focused approach on investment properties, and the approach you take with the forum and consultations, puts you at the top of my list for referrals for people interested in buying rental properties.  Aarron P. 

This was definitely a good seminar for the sophisticated investor. To add this insurance strategy on top of a sound real estate investment strategy has the potential to seriously grow your net worth. I’ve seen illustrations of both strategies and how the insurance can be used while I’m living. It’s incredible. I commend Tim & Azad for having the foresight to bring this knowledge to their group. Well done guy’s. Curtis A.

 I’ve paid a lot of money for similar programs and received way less value. These guys will give you the info, without the hype & B.S. They walk the talk & know their stuff. Well worth attending if you are considering real estate investing.  Barb H.

Time passed so quickly, Azad and Tim are really good public speakers with great knowledge. and you can sense that they are doing it from their deep heart to help others. Firas P.

Thank you for organizing the meet up, spending your evening on educating the group and share your knowledge on the industry. It was absolutely great to meet with you both. To share some little information on myself. I am a full time engineer and part time real estate investor. I have experience being landlord since 2006, involve and own rental properties in Calgary, Phoenix (AZ), South China cities, and Hong Kong. 
I am agreeable to a lot of your insights you share, including down turn like now is excellent to buy and buy and hold strategy is the best way to build wealth. I definitely would like to do a one to one with yourself if your time permits. 
I also like to crunch the numbers like Tim, and me a total believer of solid deal with high cash flow (>$ 600 – $800 with 5% vacancy margin) is a solid way to earn business with partners. I have tons of things I do want to learn from you, and I see a lot of opportunities lie ahead. Late last year, I have started working on joint venture deal and I see a lot of opportunities. Yourself as an agent who is real estate investor I can see a lot of synergy to what I am trying to do here. With regards to the networking opportunity and access to your networks of real estate professionals that is absolutely crucial part of my business building and to what I am trying to do here.  Once again, I appreciate both of your time and I definitely look forward to talk to you soon! Howard L.

 Azad & Tim have bought us three investment properties in the last year and we can’t believe that we are achieving 30% ROI in a down market. They helped us rent out our properties immediately to great tenants and their one on one coaching has made our new real estate investment business a huge success! If your looking to create wealth with real estate, we can’t say enough about Azad & Tim. Mark & Helen.