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Financial Freedom can be achieved through successful property investments. Since 2006 Azad & Tim have identified and hand picked material that is needed to move you forward on the path for success. Their investment plan is something they wished they had when they started property investing.
Our Calgary Real Estate Wealth Mastery Program is like no other, as it will help you navigate through the confusing and complex property world and help you decide when and where to buy and sell, guide you through the process of a sophisticated property investment and assist you in securing the most appropriate property for your needs.
It is said for most of us that real estate is one of the biggest investment decisions you will have to make.
Having a hands on experienced property mentor is not only advisable in order for you to reach financial freedom through property investment, it is absolutely imperative.
Our clients take action because of the Education, Guidance & Support that is provided by the Calgary Real Estate Wealth Team.  
Helping you live the life you deserve!

Our Membership will include only relevant material that you can actually implement today!
Once you become a member, you’ll also receive access to our  “Members Only Portal” with specific investing strategies and systems that we’ve used since 2006.  
Initial goal setting and on going one on coaching in person, over the phone or by zoom
Webinars On Demand:
Only relevant content to move you forward
How To Start Your New Real Estate Business Or Take It To The Next Level
Why Invest In Real Estate & How To Create Your Plan "B"
How to Analyze An Investment Property 

Raising Capital - Who & How To Approach Investors

Getting The Right Financing

How to Structure The No Money Down Deal

How To Set Up A Joint Venture Partnership And Who Takes On What Role

How To Choose The Right Investment Property

Where to Choose Properties For Max Cash Flow & Appreciation

How To Become a Successful Landlord

How To Legalize a Basement Suite

Flipping Houses The Right Way

Tax Benefits From Real Estate & 

When Should You Incorporate Your Real Estate Holdings

All Things VTB

Legal Rights As A Landlord. Hosted by Tiro Clarke At Admiral Law

Commercial and Multi - Family Investing 

How To Buy Bank Foreclosures 

How To Use RRSP's To Buy Real Estate

How To Profit From Building Infills & Fourplexes 

Buy, Renovate, Rent, Refinance, Redo Strategy 

Protecting Your Assets & The End Goal

No Money No Problem:

Learn How To Use These Alternative Investment Strategies

To Create Cash Flow Today

Rent To Own



Agreements For Sale

Alberta specific legal contracts & forms

Rent To Own Contract

JV Agreements

VTB Contracts 

Rental Application


Move In Inspection Form

Screening Tenants Guide

Become A successful Landlord With Our One on One Landlord System Training

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Biweekly seminars in person or online

Monthly Members only Newsletter.

Members Only Investment Opportunity Of The Month  

Client Success Story Of The Month so you can see exactly what our clients are buying

Built in members only MLS investment search 

Members Access to our CREW of trades, contractors, developers, accountants & lawyers

Invitation to our networking events and onsite tours of potential investment properties from

new construction, flip properties & long term holds.